GM Mieu (gm_mieu) wrote in ragnarok_shots,
GM Mieu

Buncha Screens~

Great community idea! Not all of these are mine, some of em players just kinda sent to me randomly and I thought they were funny x3

A shot of Lighthalzen after introducing our new Event GM.

I dunno...kinda looks like her? Love the show, though...I just started watching it ^^;

What I do when bored...disguise myself as a dead NPC and randomly appear in front of players, following them around at a crawling pace while saying only '/lv,' '/slur' and '/kis' I wish Id screenied the reactions I got, though xD

Someones got way too much time on their hands. DBs arent sold by an NPC, either. She said she had 400 when she started.

Some Screenies from an old server I used to play on...which sadly is no more...

Before the marriage scripts were put in...and yes thats two girls. xD

Making fun of badly translated mob quotes, namely Skeleton Prisoner ("I want your body, give me your body") and Skeleton Worker ("What are you doing at in our mine, you theft!")


Because someone told me to. I think what sparked it was our hilarity at the description for the Bible: a book filled with religious superstitions...

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