GM Mieu (gm_mieu) wrote in ragnarok_shots,
GM Mieu

More Screenshots :o~

Yeah~ Its been awhile. Just got a handful of pretty neat-o screenies.

(removed the first, since the image was removed from gallery 5/9)

Does this need any explanation? o.O

Taken around Christmastime:

And the next few are screenies submitted by players from a couple of our Screenshot Events...

This first one won for the Valentine's Day event, nevermind the fact that the dagger is lying next to 'Romeo'... xD
Posted as a link because imageshack hates meh D:

These next three are from our most recent 'Style Event.' Where players had to come up with a screenshot that best fit the categories available.

This one came from the 'coolest' category, I just really love the angle and the background:

And these two came from the 'smartest' category, they're pretty clever xD


Thats all for now~ ^^
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