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my intro post

eee im new here, so i'll start off with a bang of my fav screenies :)
careful, i haven't cropped any so it might take awhile to load

for anyone who is interested, these are mostly screens from the server i GM on, CakeRO, but some are from my old server, DreamRO

best vending spot ever:

i'm a lil scared...

my sin X hangin out at yggdrasil

sweet statue in juperos

floating taekwon

a couple of russian babes dancing

sitting in nothing

woot RO party!

then we partied too much...

impending doom (aka a massive mob of dark lords)

this is the entire server of about 200 being recalled to one spot, being killed, then being revived all in the span of 20 seconds

the only thing scarier than a mob of dark lords is being lost in a crowd of baphomets, dark lords, and lord of deaths while shivering cold in the snow and blinded

anyways thats all, sorry bout the giant images hehe
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