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First screenshoot postage!

Hey, y'all! I joined a lil' while ago, but haven't gotten around to checking my screens. Well, tonight, I just felt like doing it, so here's some funny (to me) screencaps from my year and half of playing RO!!!! =D

Me and a guildmate both have love for the clown nose/bunny band combo gear! =D

Hm. Doink, indeed. What is Doink, though? Is it like bomp!, or is it more of a bahump!?

w00t for being a fatty! (Merchant love, anybody? =O)

My jaw hurt from him. =*(

Droolage. =D I also was under the impression he enjoyed it before he went off. o.o

DUDE, you can now marry men ingame! Gay couples, unite!!!! =D

Poor Elfeen....he wasn't born a man in the first place. =/

I SO hated the Frost Joke when he got it.......-_-

Where the hell are my red shiny shoes??! /bawi

To tell you the truth...I actually don't know what we were trying to do. o.O

Behold, I have found my twin! Wait...which one am I? D:

I hope you enjoyed them! And goodnight, since I'm headin' to bed!!!! *waves*
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