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Ragnarok Online Screenshots
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- Ragnarok Online Screenshots -

Welcome to a community for posting RO screenshots.
Got Ragnarok screenshots you'd like to share? Then please join and do so.
We're a new community and need members to grow. :)

Screenshots can be from any server. Wether it be private or legit. :)

- Rules -

You may post one preview picture IF IT IS CROPPED without a cut. Meaning no huge pictures that're not under cuts. Any pictures/large screenshots should be under a cut. If you do not know how to use an LJ cut, go here.
No flaming/rudeness. Be friendly. :)
Any posts with swear words should be under a cut with a warning.
You must join to post.
All screenshots, must obviously be from Ragnarok Online.

If you need a site to host your pictures, a good one is Photobucket.

- Posting -

What to post~?

Wedding pictures
Your characters
Reached a goal
Show off your equips
Finally got the pet you wanted
Finally turned into the job you wanted
Got a headgear you always wanted
High damage you delt that you're proud of
Funny conversation
Got to level 99
Old times (as a novice etc.)
Memorable pictures
Group pictures
Have a picture of a large mob?
Funny things that your pets says
Pictures of dead people. :P
Nice scenes
Did good on pvp?
Got a rare item?
Been generous and gave someone something really rare?
Been on a journey?
Funny, random things.
And so on. :)

- Link/Promote -

Link us if you can. Thanks!


All images are from here.
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